Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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Somerset, England


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The 150th Anniversary of Joseph Henry James' Birth
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Tue & Wednesday - Our arrival Friday - To Hop Valley and Pacheco
Thursday - Placing the headstones Saturday - The memorial service

Thursday, April 20th  - This day was to be the big day for the work party to place the headstones in Colonia Juarez.  Some were willing to let the hardy get on with the pick and shovel work while they went to test the local shopping and would join us later.  The photos below kind of tell the story at the cemetery.

A number of those present spoke of the feeling they had that those we were honoring were close by and were pleased with our interest in honoring and preserving their memory for later generations.  Just think, the Joseph Henry James family of 4 parents and 35 children has only Bertha that remains alive.  This suggests that it could have been quite a group watching and helping us from the other side.

After all that work we had time to rest up a little in the afternoon then had a family dinner and time to get-together and look at some old family photos.  Afterwards Arthur took the photo below, then we added the ones that were missing and printed this photo so we could put it in the time capsule at the gravesite. (thks Barb James for the ID)

Seated: Myrtle James, Alton James, Rex James, Patricia James, Theola Diderickson, Tom Reynolds, Etta Mae Reynolds, Megan Koyle, Debbi Hondo, Jim Hondo 

Standing (2nd row): Jimmie James, Dennis Bond, Charlette Bond, Kay James, Arthur James, Barbara James, Ellen Measles, Tracy James Erb, Kirsten Jarman, Carolyn Bond, Agnes Rose, Delos Bond, Mervie Earl, Odet Bloomfield, Vivian Nicoll, Verdene Kornegay, Misty Miller, Charlotte Miller, Linda Averett, Lannie Averett, Wanda York 

Standing (3rd row): Jackson Measles, Steve LaMar James, Austin Measles, Kent Nicoll, Gene Merrill, Kathryn Nelson, Ben Nelson, Darla Young, Clint Miller, Meghann James, Steve Lee James, Ted York 

Insets: Jack Thompson, Helga Thompson, Kathy Thompson, Margie Weaver, Jim Edens, Bill Edens, Pam Logan, Mike Logan, Chuck Roberts, Glenna Roberts, Dalton Roberts