Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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The 150th Anniversary of Joseph Henry James' Birth
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Tue & Wednesday - Our arrival Friday - To Hop Valley and Pacheco
Thursday - Placing the headstones Saturday - The memorial service

 Saturday, April 22nd –  On this day we gathered at the LDS Church in Colonia Juarez at 10 AM for the memorial service.  Charlette and Dennis Bond and others helping them went earlier and set up the building for the service and prepared a lunch for everyone.  We gathered at the meeting house and had the service as indicated.

Delos Bond videotaped the service and other activities so it will be interesting to share that information.  We all then drove over to the graveyard on this beautiful day and gathered at the gravesites.  Jimmie James offered a wonderful prayer rededicating those graves that were previously identified and mentioned all those that we were memorializing at this time.  Previously Jimmie had also prepared a Time Capsule that we had included in the concrete footing that surrounds Orpha’s headstone.  So at this time we had the two youngest descendants of JHJ that were at the event place some documents in the time capsule and secured it.  We trust Jackson and Austin will lead the event to open the time capsule in 25 or 50 years.  Following this Arthur James took a family photo, just barely getting himself included.

Above: The Group (get names below).  Insets:  The Time Capsule, Austin and Jackson Measles (gggrandsons close Time Capsule, Jimmie James offers dedication, Arthur James - photographer.

This is a thumbnail of the whole group.  Click to see detail and names.

The Time Capsule we place included:

  • A group photo and list of those at this family get-together

  • A booklet with written comments by each of those attending

  • A list of all those that contributed financially to help with the headstone

  • A list of all the descendants of JHJ that I have in my records (1800)

We then had a nice lunch back at the LDS church.  After lunch Ellen Measles shared with us a James Family History quilt she had prepared for the event.  It was another beautiful tribute to the family and included pictures of Joseph Henry, Elizabeth, Mary Eliza and Orpha and all their children.  Also included were some of the interesting photos from the early period of the family. Thanks Ellen.

 Some folks had to leave at this time so we said sad farewells but the 30 or so that remained gathered and we shared some great remembrances of our ancestors.  We had an informal program that included the following:



Elizabeth Salome Bloomfield James……….….. Linda Averett
Mary Eliza Bloomfield James..…………………. Dennis Bond
Orpha Amelia Rogers James…………….………. Darla Young
Joseph Henry the humorist……………...….Verdene Kornegay
Anything anyone wants to talk about…………..……..everyone

Thanks to Linda, Dennis, Darla and Verdene for leading those discussions.  By this time it was 4 or 5 PM and time others to start their travels homeward.  We closed with a prayer and said more goodbyes.  Some of us then were able to go to the Temple in Colonia Juarez and enjoy a special closeness to those we had just honored.

Temple attendees included: front: Darla Young, Theola Diderickson, Patricia James, Verdene Kournegay, Charlette Bond; back: Charlotte Miller, Clint Miller, Rex James, Jim Edens, Bill Edens and Dennis Bond.

People had dinner at various places that night.  Some of us were able to attend church in Dublan (Nuevos Casas Grandes) the next morning and then we made our way to the border and said our farewells.  A good time was had by all.  Wish you all could have been there.  Thanks for all those that helped.  rlj