What do I do with all those
old family photos and negatives???

DFA.com  (Digital Foto Album)
The 'how-to' site for saving Your Photographic Memories

  Preserve Many family memories are in photos and videos.  Today digitizing  will allow them to be preserved indefinitely without loss of quality.
Scan photos Scan negatives Videos Slides
Restore Old photos get faded, scratched and suffer other aging.  Now, with digital, improvements can be made to the quality of your memories.
Scratches/spots Fading Cropping More
Organize With photos and documents in digital form there are programs to help you organize with dates, annotations and search capabilities.
Quick and easy Lots of photos Video and movies Old documents
  Enjoy & Share Now enjoy and share your photo memories with others.  Slide shows,  scrap books, digital albums, screensavers, quilts, unique collages, etc.
Slide shows, CD, DVD,  DFA Scrap booking Family History Quilts Web sites, unique collages, etc.

Our desire is to provide you with helps for all of the above steps. 
Helps include tutorials, step-by-step instructions, handy hints, referrals to hardware
 and software products and links to other websites that can help you in the process.

Does all this seem overwhelming?

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What's in it for us?  First, we have a passion for old family photos and we like to help anyone that is trying to preserve them.  Second, there are some links to advertisers on our site that profit us if you click on them.  We try to screen those so they represent high quality products and services.  Enjoy your visit and if you have time give us some feedback.  Thanks, rlj.