Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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Somerset, England


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Here are all the photos of the James family places and the countryside in the shire (county) of Somerset, England where Joseph Henry James' father Joseph James (Jury) lived as a youngster.  At about age 18 he moved to the largest nearby city of Cardiff, Wales where he was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Soon thereafter he immigrated to America and came to Utah, married and JHJ was born.

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This is the present (1996) sign as you come into the town of Halse.  Halse is where Joseph James (Jury) was born 26 Feb 1830. 

Notice it is 149 miles from London and only 2 miles from Milverton where Joseph James' father Joseph Jury was born.

This is a typical street scene in the small town of Halse.

These happen to be some of the thatched roof homes that are still there.

This is the church (Anglican) in Halse.

As I recall it was built in the 1200's so it was where Joseph James (Jury) was probably christened.

Sign showing the close proximity of Ash Priors, Milverton and Heathfield.

Ash Priors is birth place of Mary James (1809), Milverton is birth place of Joseph Jury (1807), and Heathfield is birthplace of Benjamin James (1783),

Countryside view of the beautiful area between and around Halse and Milverton.
Periwinkle Street in Milverton

Joseph Jury and his family lived on Periwinkle Street in Milverton.  Photo included Jimmie Lee James, ggson of Joseph Jury on standing on the present Periwinkle Street that is only about one or two blocks long.

Church (Anglican) in town of Oake.

Oake is where the earliest records of James' are recorded.  It is near Halse, Heathfield and Milverton.  It is the birthplace of Richard James (1745), Benjamin James (1700), and marriage of Richard James (1683).  The marriage entry of Richard is the oldest record of proven relationship I have found. I have included a photo of that Parish Register entry on the documents page. We also have the will of Alyce James on 18 July 1538.  This is the earliest record of a James I found but we have not proven a relationship but Oake is a small town and there only seemed to be one James family.

Those in the photo are Jimmie Lee and Barbara James with Patricia and Rex James.  .

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