Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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more added 2/2007

more added 2/2007


2/2007. More than 2300 now entered. thks!


Somerset, England


This is a work in progress so please be patient as we add more information.




Descendants of Joseph Henry JAMES

There are lots of opportunities to update this information.  I would very much appreciate a gedcom of your family and other information and corrections you have on the descendants of JHJ.  Rex James.

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Here is an update on the progress made on capturing the number of descendants.
  • March 2003                  349
    • This was info I had with lots of help from Barb and Jim James and Dennis Bond
  • November 2005           812
    (finally got updates entered I had received from many cousins) this included:
    • Ruth and Preston James and Judy Edens (Abe James)
    • Darla Young (William Henry James)
    • Omar and Lavon Hansen and Lyman Hamblin (Bathsheba James)
    • Janet Morrison and Sandra Booth (George Heber)
    • Betty Harris and Glenna Roberts (Bertha)
    • Myrtle and Alton James (Emer)
    • Laurel Riddle, Odet Bloomfield and Agnes Rose (Jennie)
    • Ellen and Elwin Bond, Delos Bond and Dennis Bond (Jessie)
    • Gene Merrill, Verdene Kournegay and Gwen Boetto (Mary Eliza)
    • Marvia Goodwin (Nellie)
    • Flora Clawson (Willard)
    • hope I didn't miss anyone that helped!
  • January 2006            912
    • Updates received in 2003 from Etta Mae Reynolds (Hollister)

If I have missed anyone who sent me updates, I apologize.


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