Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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more added 2/2007


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Somerset, England


This is a work in progress so please be patient as we add more information.



Here is a beginning of documents that we photographed or photocopied as we were doing genealogy in Somerset, England.

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Birth of Joseph James (Jury) on 26 Feb 1830, father of JHJ.

The Halse Parish register has this entry on the bottom of the left hand page (see blowup below).  At the top the book says, "The Baptisms solemized in the Parish of Halse in the years 1829-30".  The last entry says,

Col 1.  "Apr 4  Born February 26 No. 208".  Meaning the entry was made on April 4th for a birth 26 Feb 1830.

Col 2.   "Joseph Jury base child of". Meaning the child named Joseph Jury was born out of wedlock.  Notice his given name was Jury but since he was raised by his mother then later his grandparents he assumed their surname and was known as Joseph James.  Hence we enter his name as Joseph James (Jury).

Col 3 & 4.  "Mary James by Joseph Jury".  Giving the names of the mother and father.  If you look at the entry for Joseph Jury you can see why sometime somewhere they recorded his name as Joseph L. Jury.  Of course on a careful look it is plainly Joseph Jury.  Also at that time it was uncommon for folks of their status to have two given names.

Col 5, 6 & 7.  These are labeled as "Abode", "Quality, Trade or Profession", and "By whom the Ceremony was performed".  The entries are "Halse", "Labourer", and "?".

This is the oldest entry I found that is a proven direct ancestor.

Oake Parish Register for marriages showing 1666 to 1686 including the marriage in 1683 of Richard James and Grace Wescombe.

Entry (enlarged below) for 1683 says, "Richard James of this Parish was married unto Grace Wescombe of the Parish of Milverton Apr 27th: An: Dom: 1683:  (it then lists two other marriages in 1683)

Will  of Alyce James in 1538.  In Oake Parish register for wills.

This is the oldest document I could find of the James' in Somerset.  It is in the record of the town of Oake.  We do not have a proven relationship to Alyce but Oake is a very small town and there is only one James family.  The will spans two pages of the registry, hence two documents.

Interesting little tidbit on a possible ancestor Richard Richards in 1754.  This is list of Indictments and Presentment in Taunton on 8 Oct 1754.  Richard apparently is indicted for being a nuisance.

We have a Richard Richards born about 1759.  Could this be his father?

More to come as I get them scanned

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