Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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Somerset, England


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The 150th Anniversary of Joseph Henry James' Birth
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Tue & Wednesday - Our arrival Friday - To Hop Valley and Pacheco
Thursday - Placing the headstones Saturday - The memorial service


Friday, April 21st  - This is the day of the big trip to Hop Valley and Pacheco.  This was a drive of about 35 miles (one way) over very rough dirt roads, sometimes steep and very crooked.  The first stop was about half way of the steep climb out of the valley.  This is where JHJ had built a log chute and where the accident was that killed him.

Next major stop ( a few sightseeing and potty breaks along the way) was Hop Valley where the family lived for a number of years.  The first photo is a panoramic view of the valley showing the streams that went thru it and the locations of the three family homes.  Click on the thumbnail below for a full view.

Next we went to Pacheco, a community that was about 5 to 8 miles away.  This is where some of the children went to school when they lived in Hop Valley.  It is now very sparsley populated and most of the original buildings are gone.  Here we placed a headstone on the grave of George Heber James, son of JHJ, who died in Pacheco of typhoid.

Finally we took a photo of those that were able to be there as we finished the work.  Some had to leave earlier to return to Colonia Juarez as we were limited in the number of vehicles and seats available.  (By the way, special thanks to Dennis Bond who felt impressed we should add this project to our itinerary)  It was a special time and feeling for all of us.


We then took the long drive back to Colonia Juarez and on to Nuevo Casas Grandes.  On arrival we were happy to find that those on the latest schedule had arrived.  Kathy and Jack Thompson with their daughter Helga and flown from Washington state to Phoenix, rented a car, then picked up Kathy’s mom in  Strawberry, Arizona.  Kathy’s mom is Margie Weaver a daughter of Orin.  Then they drove on to the border hoping to be to Nuevo Casas Grandes in time to go on the Friday trip to Hop Valley.  Unforunately, with difficulties with the rental car, they were held up at the border and had to spend the night in Arizona.  Finally they were able to arrive mid day on Friday and at least got to join us for dinner on Friday and be there for the remainder of the activities.