Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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more added 2/2007


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Somerset, England


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These are biograpies of Joseph Henry James, his wives, his siblings and other contemporaries of interest.  If you have others please get them to Dennis or me so we can include them.  

Joseph Henry James by Ethel Woolsey.

Joseph Henry James compiled by LaVon Hansen.

Joseph Henry James by Bobby Cochenour and Eulla Davis, grandaughters.  A 3 1/2 page piece that is mostly the humorous stories JHJ told. 

Joseph Henry James by Cindy Allredge, this is a link to another web site done by Cindy and is a biography she edited from the Ethel Woolsey one above.

Elizabeth Salome Bloomfield James by granddaughter Beatrice Nelson, obtained from LaVon Hansen, also a granddaughter.

Mary Eliza Bloomfield James a brief life sketch prepared and printed for her funeral in 1957.

Mary  Eliza Bloomfield James, Memories of by granddaughter Agnes Rose (daughter of Jennie)

William Francis James by Dowayne Delmont Jessop, grandson of WFJ..

Robert Bliss Paine journal.  Kept by JHJ's missionary companion before, during, and after their journey from Ogden, Utah to Sunset, Arizona.  References to JHJ and his father.