Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)

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Somerset, England


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Here are all the photos I know of that include Joseph Henry James.  If you have others or better copies of these please let me know so I can update my collection. 
Thanks.  Rex James

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Joseph Henry James, about 1874, as a volunteer fireman in Ogden, Utah.

Joseph Henry James and missionary companion Robert Bliss Paine probably when called to go to Arizona January 3, 1878.
Elizabeth Salome Bloomfield James and Joseph Henry James probably about the time of their marriage July 12, 1877.
Joseph Henry James, his three wives and six siblings in 1885.

Back (l to r) Mary Eliza Bloomfield James, Joseph Henry James, Elizabeth Salome James.   Middle (l to r) Orpha Rogers James, William Francis James, Sarah Hannah James (Rushton), Abinadi James.   Front (l to r) Charles Willard James, Mary Elizabeth James (Jones), Hyrum Robert James.

This is a great shot but I only have a bad photocopy.  Does anyone have a good copy or original that I may scan?  This is the only photo of Orpha that I know of.

Joseph Henry James and Elizabeth Salome Bloomfield James with family about June 1895.

Standing: Hannah, Sarah Elizabeth, Alfretta, Harriet Emma.  Sitting: Joseph Henry, Bathsheba, Elizabeth Salmome.  Front: Joseph Henry, Edith.

I need a clearer version of this photo, anyone have one that I can scan?

Joseph Henry James and Mary Eliza Bloomfiel James with family about June 1896.

Standing: George Heber, Mary Eliza, William Henry.  Sitting: Joseph Henry James, Mary Eliza Bloomfield James.  Front: Emer, John Willard, Abinadi & Nellie Mariah. Why does Emer have a dress on?

Joseph Henry James, adult.

I have a small .5" x .5" of this photo.  It looks similar to the one with Mary Eliza below but on close examination seems different.  Does anyone have a better version and know when this might have been taken?

Joseph Henry James, adult.
Joseph Henry James and Mary Eliza Bloomfield James.

This is a great version of this photo prepared by Dennis Bond.  There are also hand painted color version around.  It looks like the bodies may have been added by some enterprising photographer??


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