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by George William Bloomfield, a grandson*

      Harriet Wikinson Bloomfield was born July 4, 1839 at Chediston, Suffolk, England to Daniel and Lydia Daines Wilkinson.  Harriet had three brothers and three sisters; Eliza, born February 10, 1832, in Wisset Suffolk England,  Charles, born March 30, 1836, in Chediston Suffolk, England,  Salome born November 27, 1836, in Chediston,  Lydia born August 16,1841,  in Chediston,  William born July 22, 1844, in Chediston,  and Solomon born in 1847, in Chediston, he died at age 3 , August 31, 1850, and is buried in England. 

      When Harriet was 13 years old the Mormon missioaries came to Chediston.  Her mother attended all their meetings and soon was convinced that they represented the true church.  She often invited the missionaries to dinner and they were always welcome in their home.  On November 15, 1853, Harriet was baptized along with her parents and sisters, Eliza and Lydia, and brother, William, the only surviving members of her family. 

      In 1855, the Wilkinson family, in company with other Saints of their locality, left their homes in England to join the Saints in Zion.  They arrived in New York on New Years day, 1856.  They moved from New York to Chanceville, New Jersy.  It was here she met and feel in love with John Bloomfield.  They were married November 11, 1857.  Their daughter Ellen Maria was born October 10, 1858, in Chanceville.   

      In 1859, John, Harriet and baby Ellen Maria along with Harriet's family went to Omaha Nebraska, to prepare to go to Utah.  Here great sorrow came into their lives Ellen Maria died October 14,1859. She was just one year old.  Then, as if this wasn't enough sorrow, Harriet's beloved father also died, leaving her mother to care for her sisters and brother. 

     After living in Omaha for one year they started across the plains with the Oscar Stoddard company.  They traveled with handcarts and suffered many hardships crossing the plains.  They never had enough food or water and was always in fear of Indian attacks.  After a long hard journey they arrived in Salt Lake September 24, 1860.  They went immediately to the church office and inquired about Harriet's Uncle Robert Daines, her mother's brother, who had come earlier and settled in Hyde Park, Cache county, Utah.  They reached Hyde Park October 9, 1860, and what a joyous reunion. 

      The next few  years a great deal happened to Harriet and John.  First they had another daughter born to them, September 17,1861 and named her Elizabeth Salome.  Then in 1862 John's parents, John and Martha Riches Bloomfield arrived in Hyde Park. 

     Another important event occured November 17, 1862 when John and Harriet's dream came true.  They traveled to Salt Lake City,  and received their endowments and were sealed for time and eternity in the Endowment House.

      Harriet had mush concern for their safety when Black Hawk Chief and his followers went on the war path aginst the settlers.  John did his part in protecting and standing guard in his locality. 

      Harriet gave birth to Mary Eliza January 21, 1864.  Their only son John Parley was born March 23, 1866.  About two years later January 2, 1868. Harriet became ill and died, and was buried in Hyde Park.  This was a sad day for her devoted husband John, being left with three small children to care for.  Then Harriet's mother died three months later on April 1, 1867. 

      To keep a promise to his friend, Henry Ashcroft, who died in May of 1867, to take care of his family, John married his widow, Elizabeth Ann Barton Ashcroft. 


*Edited and rewritten by LaVon Gurr Hansen, a great‑granddaughter.  Source was a history written by George William Bloomfield, a grandson,  and his wife Ruth.

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