Joseph Henry James (1855 - 1908)


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George Heber James 1883 - 1910

George Heber James was born on Christmas day, 25 December 1883, to Joseph Henry James and Mary Eliza Bloomfield. He was born in the town of Wilford (now called Heber), Navajo County, Arizona, and was the third of fourteen children. His father was the Bishop there.

On 6 March 1885, Heber's parents and his mother's family left to go colonize in Mexico. They settled in Colonia Diaz. There his father was also in the Bishopric.
Their first home there was a wagon box set up on planks, to keep out the snakes. It had bows with a cover to keep out the rain. After they had been there long enough to make adobe bricks (made with mud and straw), Heber's father built them quite a nice house.

Heber's father always provided him with plenty to do, as they had many kinds of farm animals and chores. They went hunting when meat was needed to eat.

In 1893 Heber moved to Colonia Dublan with his family, then back to Colonia Diaz in 1894.

In 1904 Heber met Sarah Loraina Nelson in Colonia Fernandez (Hop Valley). They went to parties, school, and Church together. He was religious and thrifty, and worked to save enough money so they could make the long trip to Utah to be married in the Temple.

On 3 October 1907 they were married for time and eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. They even had a honeymoon trip, going to San Bernardino, California to visit his half-sister and her husband. They returned by way of El Paso, Texas, then to their home in Colonia Pacheco, which was located just across from Sarah's parents' place. Heber worked in a sawmill and farmed for a living. They also spent some time in Hop Valley and Temosachic.

Heber loved music and played the guitar, harmonica, and other instruments. He rigged a setup so he could be a one man band. It held his harmonica, and had a pedal that when he tapped it, an attached drumstick would beat a drum. He had a guitar strap for his guitar so his hands could be free to play other instruments. He was fun to be around.

A daughter, Sarah Vinetta, was born to them on 6 December 1908, in Pacheco. Heber did not have very much time to spend with his little family, as he became suddenly ill. Some thought it was from the results of the typhoid fever which he had earlier, but Sarah thought since it happened so suddenly it was possibly a ruptured appendix.

George Heber James died  23 August 1910, at the age of twenty-three. His son was born just a month after he died, on 24 September 1910, and Sarah named him George Heber, after his father.

Sarah said, "That is what I couldn't understand, why he had to die so young. His Patriarchal Blessing said he was to go on a mission, but my father explained that he was on a mission, because he was just the type that was needed on the other side and that is why he had to go."

George Heber James was buried near Pacheco, Chihuahua, Mexico.

The following is the text of the Patriarchal Blessing given to George Heber James:
Nov. 1st 1903
Colonia Dublan

A blessing given under the hands of Patriarch Chas. Pulsifer upon the head of George H. James, the son of Joseph H. and Mary Bloomfield James. Born Dec. 25th 1883, Wilford, Arizona.
Brother George, I lay my hands upon your head, and confer upon you a patriarchal blessing.
Thy lineage is of Joseph, which is a son of Jacob. Thou art entitled to all the blessings of the new and everlasting covenant. For you have been permitted to come upon the earth in the gospel dispensation.
Therefore be diligent, and faithful, for the Lord has a great work for you to do.    Prepare thyself by treasuring up wisdom, and knowledge. For the time is near at hand, that you shall have need of it in teaching the gospel unto those that are in darkness, for you shall receive the Holy Priesthood, and be able to minister in all the ordinances of the gospel. Lay hands upon the sick, and through thy faith raise up the afflicted, and drive out the destroyer, and many shall listen unto thy teachings. For you shall be able to speak their language fluently and many shall be converted through thy testimony. For your guardian angel will go with you to be a constant shield and protection as he has been in the past and deliver you from the hand of the destroyer who has sot to cut your usefulness from the earth. The Lord has a companion in store for you who will be a help and comfort and benefit and assistant in your labors. For there is a great work in the holy temple required at your hands, minister the ordinances for and in behalf of thy numerous dead relatives. These blessings are for your aid and guidance for I seal them upon thy head by virtue and authority of my holy Patriarchal calling and seal you up to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



this biography is all on one page